About a2z

About us:

We, at a2z-cn.com, as a foreign company, understand the cultures and needs of our foreign customers. Through our interaction with the Chinese, we managed to deliver our customers' visions and needs to the Chinese factories, thus, receiving the best goods that match the cultures, tastes and need of the customers.

Our vision:

Our first concern at a2z-cn.com is to ensure the rights of our customers, and let them get the best for what they paid for. Through a selective group of lawyers and professional commercial researchers; we focused on building the best partner's relationship with our resources.

Our promise:

We at a2z-cn.com promise our customers:
- Honesty and candor in our dealing
- To follow the best procedures to guarantee their rights and avoid any risks.
- To do the maximum that we can, with care and personal follow-up to ensure the best service.
Faisal Otari
Tired of searching for good sources for your products?
Worry of quality of your confirmed orders?
Do you want to modify for your orders design but you are afraid of getting bad results?
Do you wish to attend some of exhibitions in China, but no time?
Wish to lunch your own business of importing from China, but you are worry?
We have the Solutions!
After years of working with our partners in various specializations We become more able to meet the expectations of our customers seeking combines quality and the right price and the most important is sources of after-sales Services.
Guangzhou a2z company Ltd, established in 2011 as a part of Q-linker LTD,  From  2016 Re-registed as GuanZhou a2z a trading comapny 20,000,000.00USD capital, As leading professional export agent providing one-stop export services for overseas clients. 
We provide one-stop services involve from finding the best supplier, purchasing to shipping such as product purchasing, follow up on orders, inspection,  translation,  shipping, we are real good partner.
As an known well export agent, we focus on our honest services based on  responsibility, trustworthiness as well as mutual benefit.
Working together is what makes it all happen! We're all about teamwork and utilising each other's strengths to complete tasks. Not only that, but we push each other to achieve more in the process.
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