Oilfield Chemicals and Application Technology Expo

As the best platform for obtaining the information about the oilfield chemicals industry and grasping the international market, OCE 2017 - Guangzhou International Oilfield Chemicals and Application Technology Expo 2017 will be held on Dec.28-30, 2017 at Poly World Trade Expo Center, Guangzhou.
Exhibition schedule
Registration and installation of exhibits: December 26-27,2017
Exhibition time: December 28-30, 2017
Dismantle of exhibits: December  30, 2017
 Exhibition coverage
◆ Drilling fluid chemical agent: filtrate reducer, tackifier, emulsifier, shale inhibitor, bridging particle, drilling fluid corrosive inhibitor, surface active agent, lubricating agent, bactericide, defoaming agent, flocculanting agent, calcium remover, PH value control agent, pipe free agent, temperature stabilizing agent, foaming agent, dispersing agent;
◆ Drilling cement additive: coagulant, retarder, defoaming agent, drag reducer, filtrate reducer, anti-fluid-channeling agent, external additive reducer, strength agent and weighting agent;
◆ Oil recovery agent: thickening agent, cross-linking agent, propping agent, gel breaker, filtration reducer, drag reducer, temperature stabilizing agent, discharge adding agent, bactericide, paraffin agent, sand prevention agent, descaling and antiscale agent, clay stabilized agent, metal corrosion inhibitor, floccuant, antiscale dispersing agent, germicide and algicide agent, steam injection chemical agent, acidification agent, sand stabilizing agent, tracer agent;
◆ EOR chemical agent: alkaline flooding agent, cosurfactant, high temperature foaming agent, miscible solvent agent, temperature control agent, sacrificial agent, thickening agent, thin film spreading agent, blocking remover, C8 waterproof damage flooding increasing agent;
◆ Gathering and transportation oil field agent: emulsion breaker, pour point agent, paraffin inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, bio-enzyme paraffin inhibitor, hydras inhibitor, crude oil defoaming agent;
◆ Oil field sewege chemical agent: flocculant, corrosion inhibitor, descaling agent, germicide agent, flotation agent, deoxidant, clear fracturing fluid;
◆ Oilfield chemical new field: Nanometer augmented injection, microorganism-flooding, anti-wax remover, water treatment agent, bio-enzyme-blocking remover, anti-wax, molecular film flooding augmented injection;


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