What is the benefit I will get of Chinese Virtual Office?

what is the benefit i will get of chinese virtual office?
This service enables you to carry out your business as if  you're in China, For example:
1- You can easily manage your e-commerce and virtual as if you live in china *review example A.
2- We will provide you with address and phone number and we can customize one or more number "Optional"
3- We will provide you with international mobile number, you can use for receive and make your international phone call as if you live aboard with very acceptable price rate. 
4- If you need to get sample to more and check it and make invoice beside ship it for you.
5- Buying samples from Chinese website in your behalf.
6- Transferee the samples fee and domestic fee for small amount * pls review example B.
7- Re-packing the samples before shipping by express which save more space of shipping rate.
8- Updating you with some of new products in Chinese market.
Remind you with the exhibition and conference in china according to your interest.
Those services available in English/ Arabic languages and many languages sooner
A#- If you want to sell some of company products to your client without enable him to know your sources, after you negotiate with the seller and asking to ship goods to for your assign office and we will pay the goods value "from your account" and the receiving the goods and the remove the name and the company's information’s which been written on boxes and get sure that the company did not put any business card or original invoice inside shipping boxes "referee to original seller" and issue a commercial invoice by your virtual  office under name of A to Z and its business License  and re-ship to the address of your client.
B#- Transfer the total value of remittances to be transmitted, Where we to pay Upon receipt of remittance for companies which leads a big abundance because internal transfers almost free of charge within China, for example, if you want transfer sum of $ 250 for the five companies you will have to pay $ 175 in addition to the Bank commission but if you transferring them to our account your cost will not exceed the total of $ 80.
C#- If you purchase a volume weight for the first sample 0.55 kg, It was placed box for the shipping with volume weight 0.75 kg and the second 1.1 kg and was placed Shipping box 1.5 kg and third weight 2.05 kg was placed Shipping box 2.5 kg, This means that the original volume weight of your shipment is 0.75 1.5 2.5 = 4.7 kg.
If the price of freight / kilogram $ 85 for this sector of the weight the shipping  will be:
 5 * 85 = $ 475.
The volume size after re-packing will be: 0.75+1.1+2.05 = 3.9 kg.
Which mean ability to place this shipment in 4KG shipping box and save 85$, In addition to the fact that cost of clearance for most of countries depends on the weight of shipment which leads to bigger cost saving.
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